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If you notice changes
Sometimes you will notice changes, this is because the website is constantly evolving.
Despite my too little free time, I try to make improvements and additions from new locations as accurate as possible, to certain links that you no longer have to look for.
Culina locations and other Distribution Centers
Instead of making a different / separate page for each company (AO, Culina, etc.) I thought of putting all the locations on the same page.
That is the main reason I added a search bar, and I suggest you use it.
Add phone menu at the top
As the title says, you do not have to go to the bottom (footer) every time to find what you are looking for.
Now you have the menu at the top.
If something does not appear, from what it was before it means that that page no longer exists or is being modified / edited.
Solve the page opening problem
If you encounter problems accessing a certain page or it is blocked by the internet provider; (Vodafone usually blocks)...
Click on Home button so that you can see the "lock" that offers security to the website in the address bar.
The website is translated into 2 languages
The website is fully translated into English and Romanian.
At the bottom of the website is "Language" menu from where you can access the desired language.

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