Solve the page opening problem
If you encounter problems accessing a certain page or it is blocked by the internet provider; Ex: Vodafone, Three etc (Vodafone usually blocks) go down in the menu and click on the "Home" button so that you can see the "lock" that offers security to the website in the address bar then try again

The website is translated into 4 languages
The website is fully translated into; English, Romanian, Spanish and Polish (For Polish I translated with Google translate so I am not sure if everything is correct)

At the bottom of the website is the "Menu" where you can access the page with the "AO" locations

Also at the bottom of the website is "Language" from where you can access the desired language

Website improvement
Initially the page with the "AO-locations" opened in a different link, (alpha phase) which I later improved, (beta phase) and now it is part of the website being considered a major improvement

Now the page is cleaner and easier to handle